The ZNB-120 bunker loader is designed on the basis of the ZN-120 grain loader, also intended for loading grain, oilseeds and legumes in a car, grain trucks, containers, railway wagons and barges, provide grain loading, mechanical shoveling (re-burrowing) of grain material and forming collars in closed and open areas.

Successfully having passed all tests, the car has perfectly proved itself in work and is the reliable assistant at agricultural manufacturers! Provides fast and accurate unloading or loading of grain material, thereby reducing the cost of mechanization, saves your time and energy consumption.

The technological process is as follows: grain from the car, trailer or ladle, is poured into the hopper ZNB-120 loader, getting on the vertical conveyor with scrapers, enters the chevron ribbon of the trimmer, which directs the grain to the loading box with an adjustable trunk, ensures accuracy and accuracy of the loading material, thus folds into a bump or is reloaded into another transport.

  • Application in ports, railways, grain storages and on open currents
  • Accurate and fast loading, creation of collars in open and closed warehouses
  • Acceleration of the process of unloading vehicles and simultaneous storage of grain material

Capacity up to 150 t/h (nominal – 120 t/h)
Casting height – 8 m
Range – 22 m
The bunker dimensions are 2600/1500/750 mm