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About company

Company LLC “Vinmashpostach» was founded June 24, 2009 in Ukraine, in the wonderful city of Vinnitsa. Dynamically evolving thanks to a team of experienced, qualified and professional staff. The main activity of the company is the development, production and sale of high-quality, reliable, easy to operate agricultural machinery and spare parts.
Our clients include major regional trading companies, large and small farms – we cherish all, and we are grateful for their trust. We are convinced that long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners, based on respect and honesty – is the key to mutual success and prosperity .

It is strategically important for us is to provide farmers the most reliable and advanced technology. By focusing on innovation, introducing the latest engineering – engineering technology, we improve quality, increase productivity, achieve energy savings of products.

Our goal and objective
Our goal is to provide consumers in Ukraine, CIS and other foreign countries a new generation of wide range of agricultural equipment, the relevant requirements of the agricultural market.

Today, the company has successfully introduced the world’s best practice, the projects are related to deep modernization of production facilities, which will lead to the production of modern, advanced agricultural machinery, as well as the expansion of its model range.

In production we use only certified materials and proven components. For the manufacture of components and parts using metal from the leading domestic and foreign factories – manufacturers .

High-precision equipment used in the manufacture of components, minimizes the involvement of the human factor, thus eliminates errors and guarantees high quality products.

All of our manufactured products are certified, it has passed state tests, provide guarantees and necessary permits.

The main focus of the company is the production Grain SH-80 SH-90 SH-120 productivity from 80 to 120 tons per hour. The unit is designed for the loading and unloading of all types of grain and leguminous crops and oil crops, mechanical and shoveling grain formation clamps on open currents, and granaries, fast loading in vehicles with high sides.

Based on the wishes and needs of farmers, our engineers have developed and implemented in the production of the new unit – mounted hydraulic lift versatile PNU – 1.3 “Svarog”. It used for loading and unloading in the agriculture, construction, repair and mechanical work in the workshop, as well as a different kind of activity associated with the movement of different types of cargo. The successful tests showed excellent technical characteristics.

Warranty & Service
All the equipment produced by the company has a guarantee support for 12 months. By agreement provide after-sales service and maintenance.

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