XVIV International Agro-Industrial Exhibition “AGRO-2017”

It has been almost a month since the XVIV International Agro-Industrial Exhibition “AGRO-2017” in Kiev took place. It is a large-scale event in the agro-industrial world.

Three types of grain loaders were represented at our exhibition site: ZN-80, ZN-90 and ZN-120, a new unit of equipment, proved to be very well in operation – Universal elevators PNU-1,3 “SVAROG”, as well as NOVELTY of technological design Shop – Mineral spreader RMD-1200.

Within the framework of the working visit, a delegation from Vinnitsa, led by the director of the Department of Agriculture of the Vinnitsa Region Nikolay Tkachuk, came to us. High quality and assortment of presented equipment was highly appreciated, issues were discussed in further promotion of each other, therefore Vinnytsya is a powerful center of Ukrainian producers, and to whom, as not producers, glorify their region further!

New partners, new ideas and a lot of positive impressions, thanks from regular customers, and still remind of a successful and successful work carried out.

Thankful to everyone for their kind words, accurate advice and new opportunities! Together we are strong and successful !!!

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