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Bunker grain loader

The ZNB-120 bunker loader is designed on the basis of the ZN-120 grain loader, also intended for loading grain, oilseeds and legumes in a car, grain trucks, containers, railway wagons 

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Mechanical grain loaders

GRAIN LOADERS – are intended for loading and unloading operations of any kinds of grain, legumes and oil crops, mechanical shoveling and forming of grain loops on open currents and grain storages, high-speed loading in vehicles with high sides.

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LIFT UNIVERSAL LIFTER UNIVERSAL PNU-1.3 “Svarog” is designed for loading and unloading operations in agriculture and other types of work associated with the movement of different types of cargo. The main direction in the development of this unit is associated with facilitating the loading of mineral fertilizer spreader in bags of the type «Big-Beg».

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Parts and accessories

A wide range of spare parts and components of its own production

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