We invite all comers, the largest and most promising national event in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine – the XVIV International Agro-Industrial Exhibition “AGRO-2017”.

The exhibition will be held from 7 to 10 June 2017, in the territory of the National Complex “Expocenter of Ukraine”.

It will be interesting! We prepare pleasant SURPRISES!

LLC “Vinmashpostach” is an invariable participant of “AGRO” for many years, since The event of such a high level has positively proven itself and gives tremendous opportunities, from presentation of manufactured products, business communication with potential customers, partners and friends, signing of mutually beneficial contracts, and of course, the possibility of demonstrating the production novelties of our production.

This year three types of ZN-80, ZN-90, ZN-120 Grain Loaders will be presented. Since 2009, introducing innovations, taking into account suggestions and small comments, we have improved and simplified our trucks in operation. Now they are reliable and not replaceable assistants on farms where it is required to make fast loading or unloading on grain storages, loading into a vehicle, mechanical shoveling, grain separation, etc.

Also, the unit will be presented at the exhibition site – a hydraulic hinged universal lifting device PNU-1,3 “SVAROG”, which has already proved itself and gives positive reviews, regardless of the young age (certified since March 11, 2016). The main direction in the development of this unit is associated with facilitating the loading of mineral fertilizer spreader in bags of the “Big-Beg” type.

Presentation of a new unit of equipment !!! Listening to the wishes of regular customers, we developed a new unit – Mineral Fertilizer spreader RMU-1200.

Already at AGRO-2017, we are planning to present a novelty and to acquaint you with the technical characteristics.